Annual membership. Excellent value!

At school & Nursery:
Annual membership

(taken as an annual payment of £99.99)
  • You save
  • Parents save
  • The children benefit
  • All the stories, activities and resources for school & nursery
  • This is an annual plan, it's billed yearly
  • You are free to cancel at any time 
  • Option to share the stories with the parents at heavily reduced rates!
  • 10% of each parent sale goes back to your school/nursery
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At School & Nursery Annual membership!

Make learning through active stories
part of your day-to-day!

  • Unlimited, on demand active storytelling sessions, activities, games across a growing range of themes
  • Complete flexibility to run the story/activities of your choice when you want it. Repeat & reinforce as desired
  • Activity leading ideas for your team beyond the online sessions (stand alone activities, printable song words).
  • Supports EYFS delivery (EYFS analysis & wow words included)
  • Class certificates included
  • No planning required to run a session

share with the parents and save

Option to share At Home memberships with the parents at hugely discounted prices!
A perfect way to ensure the children gain maximum exposure to the stories, and rich language.

Save further with 10% of each parent sale going directly to your nursery/school!

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Our Creative team

The faces behind Animateys

Helen Hooper
Founder, author of the stories and activities, editor and a bit of pretty much everything!
Helen has been writing stories all her life - but it's been her professional life since 2010 when she co-founded a storytelling business. Helen wanted to make these (and other) wonderful story experiences more accessible and affordable for nurseries & schools by taking them online - empowering staff in the process!
Christine Turner
Watercolour artist - Animateys' wonderful illustrator!
Christine's magical paintings form the heart of Animateys. Christine brings Helen's characters to life in the most colourful and engaging of ways.

Charlie Clee
Charlie is a professional actor who specialises in Shakespeare. He has turned his hand effortlessly to presenting for children! He takes on the silliest of characters and really gets the children actively engaged!
Natalia Luz
editor, animator
Natalia has just recently joined the team (with the release of Samantha's Crazy Dream) and with her wonderful skills has helped us take our creation to the next level. Her animations are just fabulous! We can't wait for more stories edited by Natalia!

At School & Nursery Annual Membership