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Our active storytelling products

Animateys is designed to make it easy for you use active storytelling to maximise the children's learning, development and vocabulary growth opportunities.

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Active storytelling training

This active and engaging workshop is designed for the whole team to experience together. On completion your team will:
  • Understand first-hand the enormous learning potential of stories & why making them active is VITAL!
  • Be armed with simple and practical ideas to make their every day storytelling more accessible to and engaging for the children
  • Learn how to create an immersive active workshop from ANY story book!
The workshop is delivered by a combination of interactive video and downloads - so can be delivered at a time and place to suit you!
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Ready-to-go interactive story experiences

Covering a wide range of themes, our story workshops allow you to lead the children on magical adventures. Through a mix of music, movement, speech and games the children live these stories physically
  • No planning
  • Total flexibility
  • All the benefits of having a specialist storyteller/drama practitioner, without the cost
  • Empowers your team member and encourages interaction with the children in new and creative ways
  • Develops key skills across the entire EYFS and beyond
  • Each story comes with detailed EYFS analysis & ideas for further fun
  • Repeat the action songs offline using printable song words
Each original story is hand-painted in wonderful watercolour and brought to life through a combination of animation, traditional storytelling and acting! 
"A fabulous resource for nurseries and reception teachers as it gives them such support in terms of how to bring a story to life."