10 active stories
(Story package)

Your own workshops to dip in and out of as desired!

  • 10 x 30 minute active story workshops
  • complete with games and songs
  • EYFS analysis with each activity
  • List of wow words
  • Printable song words
  • certificate and colouring sheets

Autumn term

  • Countryside Adventure (conkers!)
  • The Friendly Dragon (friendship, accepting difference)
  • Dragon Fireworks (fireworks!)
  • Daisy's Christmas party (Christmas!)

Spring Term

  • Grandpa's Birthday Pancake (pancakes!)
  • Sophie's Vegetable Treasure (growing veg)
  • Mitten and Smudge (kittens!)

Summer term

  • A Real Pirate Adventure (Pirates!)
  • Charlie's Space Adventure (Space)
  • Arla's Bus ride (school trip)
Active story workshops

Digital technology for interaction in the real world

  • All you need is a screen, internet and a sense of fun!
  • No planning
  • Illustrated/narrated/animated workshops on tap
  • Get the children living stories through a range of senses
  • Designed around the EYFS!
  • Inspires and empowers staff
  • Complements Active Storytelling Training
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