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Charlie's Space Adventure

"What ever you do, don't touch the big red button!"
Zoom off into space with Grandpa on his homemade rocket!
Props: None
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Helen Hooper

Author & storyteller

Christine Turner

Helen has been writing stories all her life, and storytelling has been her life since 2010. She is passionate about using stories to educate children, and about bringing stories to life in new and creative ways.

Christine has the ability to create warm, engaging and lovable characters - so full of life! All our illustrations are hand painted by Christine with enormous care and attention to detail.

Story reviews

"This was the first Animateys session we tried, and the boys love it! We are always joking about yucky drinks now!"
Anna, mum of James (4) and Oliver (2)
"Charlie's Space Adventure is still a firm favourite. There is often a lot of mini-meeping going in our house (and that's from the parents too!) 🤣
Jane Thomas, mum of Rob (5) and Bertie (2)