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The Friendly Dragon

What is that thunderous sound coming from the mountain? Set against a beautiful a natural landscape, this loveable tale is about friendship, kindness and discovering that not everything is as it first appears!
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A little more about this session

"Why are you crying?" asked Alice.
"I'm crying because no-one will be my friend" sobbed Daniel.

Themes today

  • Dragons
  • Friendship & kindness
  • Understanding difference
  • Mountain, countryside, nature, outdoors, outdoor play
  • healthy eating

Props today: None

Presented by Helen Hooper

Author, storyteller, Early Years Drama practitioner

Illustrated by
Christine Turner
Helen has loved writing stories for children ever since she was in primary school! In 2010, she made storytelling for the Early Years her business and her life.
Helen created Animateys to spread the joy and educational benefits of active storytelling as wide as possible.

Christine is a retired Primary School teacher, a fabulous artist and Helen's mum!
Her gorgeous characters and landscapes are full of colour, character and wonderful detail. They bring the magic to Animateys.