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Countryside adventure!

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  • Total time of full session: approx 30 mins
Story overview
Follow a map through the countryside to find the best of all Autumn treasure: CONKERS!
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Map reading, conkers, countryside, nature, outdoors, deer, monsters, stepping stones, river, woods, forest, dog, over-active imagination!

Spot mats for stepping stones!
(Don't have any? Use imaginary stepping stones instead! 😃)

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Presented by
Helen Hooper & Charlie Clee

Illustrated by
Christine Turner

Helen, is mum of two, author, storyteller and Early Years drama practitioner and a graduate of Oxford University. Wanting to provide nurseries and schools with quality materials permitting them to to run extra curricular activities at the fraction of the cost of hiring in specialists, & without having to plan; she is the founder of Animateys. 
Charlie is a professional actor, specialising in Shakespearean texts who has turned his hand to presenting to children for Animateys! His humour and joy for life is infectious and the children adore him.

The talented Christine, AKA Helen's amazing mum illustrates all the stories in watercolours providing a really magical storybook feel to them. It's  perhaps this mix of traditional and digital that makes Animateys so super special!