At school & nursery

Arla's bus ride

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  • Approx 30 mins in total
A bus ride to the farm that goes wrong! You will be riding on a bumpy bus in this one, transforming into spiky lightning and getting absolutely covered in mud!
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Bus ride, day trip, nursery trip, school trip, weather, rain, thunder, lightning, farm, farmer, meadow, outdoor play, butterflies, mud, people who help us, jobs (bus driver, farmer)

Play scarves
(Don't have them? Don't worry, use your hands, arms and imagination instead!)

Helen Hooper

Author & storyteller

Christine Turner

Helen has been writing stories all her life, and storytelling has been her life since 2010. She is passionate about using stories to educate children, and about bringing stories to life in new and creative ways

Christine has the ability to create warm, engaging and lovable characters - so full of life! All our illustrations are hand painted by Christine with enormous care and attention to detail.