At Home: Samantha's Crazy Dream

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Based on the true and incredible journey of a salmon. Samantha adventures from her calm stream all the way down to the sea...and back again - overcoming danger after danger! A beautifully illustrated and animated story with wonderful songs and active games.
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written & Produced by

Helen Hooper

Author, storyteller, editor
Helen wrote the first draft of this story over ten years ago. It has never been aired in any form until now. It's been sitting on an old hard drive waiting for the right time to bring it to life. And brought to life it certainly has been - in so many ways by the most amazing team! This one has been an enormous project and a huge effort. And we're absolutely delighted with the outcome.
Illustrated by

Christine Turner

Illustrator, Former primary teacher
Christine's illustrations are exquisite - and she has produced so many of them for this one, we've been able to animate the entire story! It's truly gorgeous.

Co-presented by

Charlie Clee

Charlie has some starring underwater roles in this one. He is an excellent shark and fishing net! Charlie is a professional actor and lovable children's presenter. He brings so much fun and joy to the experience!
Animations & story editing by

Natalia Luz

Editor, animator
This is the first time we've worked with Natalia and she has enabled us to take our work up to the next level. Her animations are just gorgeous! We are so so excited by her work. Thank you Natalia!
Samantha's voice by

Arla (age 6)

Arla - well what can we say! She is a complete star. She speaks with clarity and so much expression - bringing a lovely fun, and feisty character to our Samantha salmon! Thank you Arla! We hope you will lend us your lovey voice for future stories!