training overview

Active storytelling training!

Is storytelling at your setting an active experience? 
Are your children accessing enormous learning & development opportunities every day through stories?

This interactive group workshop will give your team all the tools they need to turn any storybook into an exciting active learning experience.

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What your team will learn

Make stories count!

Simply reading to the children is not enough! The children will be missing out on key opportunities to learn about the world, develop essential skills and gain vital vocabulary.
Each time you share a book with the children, make an impact!

We give you concrete techniques to improve your storytelling and help maximise learning for the children in the most playful ways.

This is for both:
  • low energy sessions, when you want the children to remain calm and seated &
  • Fully interactive story workshops
After participating in this training, your team will:
  • Understand why making storytelling active is so important to children's development. 
  • Appreciate first-hand the impact of non-verbal storytelling (i.e. not relying on the words) to aid understanding and to gain new vocabulary
  • Be confident in using a range of skills to tell stories better
  • Be able to create an active storytelling workshop from ANY story book.
  • Have developed a range of skills for their own professional development
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Supporting the Ofsted Framework

Quality of Education

Implementing improved storytelling within your setting, including a practical understanding of how active storytelling supports all areas of the EYFS, can have an enormous positive impact of the quality of education.

Personal Development

Allowing children to live stories physically helps provide them with a rich set of experiences that promote an understanding of, and respect for, people, families and communities beyond their own. 

Behaviour & Attitude

By providing children with the opportunities to engage with and express themselves through active storytelling, we see an improvement in child behaviour and attitudes. 

Leadership & Management

In implementing this training, you'll be demonstrating effective leadership and management by ensuring that practitioners receive practical and highly effective professional development.
Helen Hooper
Children's story writer, storyteller
Author of this training
Co-founder of an award winning storytelling classes business, Helen has run active storytelling workshops to thousands of children - in nurseries, schools and parent & child classes. Helen has written over 60 stories and accompanying activities - always with the aim of allowing the children to learn and develop by active experience.
Now, teaming up with her amazing artistic mother; adding a pinch of digital magic; and whole host of new technical skills - Helen has created Animateys. This digital tool allows nurseries, schools and parents to experience all the benefits of active storytelling on demand, and at an affordable price.
Charlie Clee
Actor, storyteller, presenter

Charlie is professional actor with many strings to his bow. Having specialised in Shakespearean texts during his training, he's performed on many stages and film sets. Yet for Animateys, he has played the most varied and exciting roles! His star performances range from a snappy crocodile to a confused fireworks display man... and from an intrepid pirate (his favourite!) to a quiet deer crunching on an acorn!

Charlie's manner is funny and lovable. He's a natural with the children who adore him!
Christine turner
Illustrator, retired primary teacher
Helen's mum!
Christine's artwork really is the magic ingredient behind the wonder of Animateys!
Christine paints with incredible detail, sensitivity and humour. She brings personality and life to the characters way before any animation or editing gets anywhere near them. The watercolours are reminiscent of our own memories of special childhood books.

Her wonderful paintings allow for a wonderful mix of traditional with our exciting modern approach to bringing stories alive for the new generation.
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Course reviews

"Such an engaging course! We all learned so much - even those of us who've been telling stories for over 30 years. Highly recommended to anyone working in the Early Years sector "
Sarah Hart
Deputy manager
"Never been on a course like this before. So engaging. The 2 hours flew by. The downloads are incredibly useful and will be getting a lot of use in our nursery. Thank you"
Sue Greenwood
Nursery manager