Interactive storytelling & dramatic play workshops!

Empowering nurseries, schools and parents

Schools, pre-schools & nurseries

Using active storytelling & dramatic play to:
  • captivate the children,
  • inspire your team,

  • enhance learning across a wide range of topics,
  • Support EYFS developmental areas

  • Save money on external practitioners

Our unique digital tool empowers your team to incorporate active stories & drama into day-to-day learning!
No external practitioners and zero planning.

"Animateys is a wonderful and unique resource for nurseries & reception. We love the mix of magical illustrations and digital technology"
Sarah Russel-Smith, Pre-reception class teacher
  • Delight the children
  • Empower your team
  • Develop key skills
  • No prep or planning 
  • EYFS observations
  • EYFS planning
  • Many themes
  • Impress parents
  • No external practitioners
  • Total flexibility

Parents & carers

  • Is your child aged between 2 and 7?
  • Do you hate passive screen time, & want them active, laughing and learning through play?
  • Do you want them to develop a love of language and a wide vocabulary?
  • Do you want to give them a head start for/at school?

Our interactive stories & activities can be enjoyed together for that special connection or independently by the child.

"It's like having a lovely captivating friend in your living room to lift & inspire you!"
  • Working families
  • Homeschoolers
  • Bilingual children
  • Vocabulary building
  • Listening skills
  • Communication skills
  • Together time
  • Independent play

A sneak peek into the magical world of Animateys ...

Through the power of imagination, you and the children get to live a wide range of exciting experiences first-hand!

Unlock your imagination!

What professionals & parents say 

Animateys captures & ignites the imagination of both children and adults! I love how excited the children are, and the questions and engagement we have from the parents

Jenna Lee
Deputy Manger, Scallywags day nursery, Oakham

It's like having a lovely captivating friend in your living room to lift & inspire you.

Jennie F

The children are really engaged. The consolidation activities ensure they can retell the stories themselves through movement AND they expand vocabulary too. So much learning and in such a fun a way!

Mrs Thompson
Early Years Educators & Montessori practitioner
A fabulous resource for nurseries & reception teachers as it gives them such support in terms of how to bring story time to life!

Early Language Consultant
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