Your own library of active stories,
complete with EYFS analysis

  • Develop skills, grow vocabulary, build confidence
  • Empower staff
  • Deliver EYFS
  • Option to share with the parents and save!
"The children absolutely love it! They are always asking: 'Can we do Animateys? Can we do Animateys?' "
JEss, Pre-school Manager Room, ScAllyWags Nursery
"A fabulous classroom resource for nurseries & reception teachers as it gives them such a support in terms of how to bring story time to life"
Debbie Brace,
EarlY Language Consultant
Share with the parents too!

You asked - we listened!

Consultation with you - the Early Years sector - has told us how valuable sharing our active stories with the children is  - not only at school or nursery, but also at home!

We have revised our pricing to allow Schools & Nurseries to:
  • Have full access to all our "At School & Nursery" resources at a lower price
  • Be able to offer highly discounted "AT HOME" memberships to the parents
  • Save further by recouping 10% of each parent purchase for your setting/school

Choose your plan & start a free trial!

At school & nursery

Monthly membership


  • Full access to all stories & activities, including new ones as they are published
  • Early Years (EYFS) learning pack with each story
  • printable action song words: for offline activity delivery
  • Your team actively interacting in new ways
  • Share the At Home memberships with your families at a highly discounted price
  • 10% of each parent purchase goes back to the nursery, effectively reducing your own membership

7 day free trial

At School & Nursery

Annual Membership

£8.33/month (taken as single payment of £99.99)
Best value! Total flexibility.
  • Full access to all stories & activities, including new ones as they are published
  • Early Years (EYFS) learning pack with each story
  • Printable action song words for offline delivery!
  • Your team actively interacting in new ways
  • Share the At Home memberships with your families at a highly discounted price
  • 10% of each parent goes back to the nursery, effectively reducing your own membership or better
  • 10 parent purchases = £30 back; 33 parent purchases = break even

7 day free trial

At Home membership only

Want to share At Home memberships with the parents, without getting an At School & Nursery membership?

  • 10% of each parent goes to your school/nursery
  • 10 parent purchases = £30 for you; 20 parent purchases = £40 for you; 50 parent purchases = £150 for you
At school & nursery

Groups and chains

If you are part of a group - please contact us

Discounts are available for multi-venue nurseries or schools joining at the same time.

Need more time to decide?

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Please note: When you join one of our membership plans - the stories do not expire!


What nurseries & teachers are saying ...

It's really good to have the staff so involved and active. There are a couple of staff members who tend to feel a bit daunted by circle time.
Animateys pushes them outside their comfort zone in a really fun way.
Jess, Scallywags Day Nursery, Oakham
The children are really engaged.
The consolidation activities ensure they can retell the stories themselves through movement
AND they expand vocabulary too.
So much learning and in such a fun way!
Mrs Thompson, Early Years Educator and Montessori practitioner, Herts

Frequently asked questions

What exactly do I need to run a session?

You need:
  • A screen big enough for the children to see and hear it (A laptop would do for small groups, a laptop plugged into a TV, or an interactive TV would be perfect for larger groups)
  • An internet connection
  • A willing member of staff to run the session (You will be known as Chief Animatey)
  • Enough space for the children to move around/ dance.
  • Any props (The first section of each session outlines the suggested props. Please note they can ALWAYS be done without props if easier for you.
  • A sense of fun!

What exactly will I have to do as the person who runs the session?

We bring the material and structure but Animateys sessions are your sessions. You remain in control at all times. You can skip/repeat activities as needed; you will re-group the children after every activity and you will decide if you want certain activities to be done around the room or on the spot ... sitting or standing etc.

The magic of digital can bring so much but no screen can ever replace you. Animateys is all about the interaction between you and the children- the more you get involved, the more the children will gain from the experience.

There will be times when we ask ask you to do specific silly things e.g. inflate like a balloon or water the children with your imaginary watering cans. And there will be times when we hand over a game entirely to you. Everything is guided though so you can focus on playing with the children and not worrying about planning!

I am wary of screen time. Convince me why I should be bringing a digital product into my nursery/school...

When used wisely, the power of digital can open so many doors for nurseries and schools - it's really exciting! However, we firmly believe the power of digital should used as enabler to do other things - never as an end in itself.

Animateys uses the magic that is digital to transport our drama practitioners (together with our stories, structures, games and years of experience) directly into your setting - to enable YOU to run your own tried-&-tested workshops:
  • with no planning;
  • at a fraction of the cost of the hiring in an activity provider;
  • and with full flexibility to run the session you want, when you want.

External practitioners are marvellous (when you get a good one). But they are so expensive, and they are gone again after their half hour slot.

Thanks to the power if digital, your own staff are the ones interacting with the children - and they are free to repeat the stories and activities as it suits you and the children. Being so involved in the sessions can be extremely motivating for staff too!

Of course, you can - and you do - run your own amazing sessions with the children all the time. Animateys is exciting because we've already done years & years of work (planning, writing, testing, amending etc) so you don't have to. Also, we have lots of them ready to go across a wide range of topics - so you can just log on, pick the story that suits and enjoy it with the children!

We hope you are starting to see why we are quite so excited about how Animateys uses digital. Please do contact us and ask for a free trial session to see it in action!

If I go for the subcription, can I cancel at any time?

Yes of course! There is no commitment. It's pay per month - leave/ resubscribe as it suits! 

Can I get a free trial?

Yes! The membership plans come with a 7 day free trial. However we recognise that 7 days is not always enough in a busy setting or classroom. If you need a longer trial, please contact us. Let us know who you are, the name or your nursery/school, and when you'd like to do run a longer free trial! 😃