At school & Nursery

Using active storytelling to enhance learning ...

  • Inspire the children
  • Enhance EYFS delivery

  • Empower your team
  • Engage parents

"Animateys is a wonderful and unique resource for nurseries & reception. We love the mix of magical illustrations and digital technology"

Sarah Russell-Smith, Pre-reception teacher, Greater London
A sneak peak into our world!

Make learning through active stories part of your day-to-day!

Your own library of active story workshops!
  • Engaging stories: Hand-painted, animated, performed!
  • Exciting activities using music, movement and games!
  • Downloadable EYFS packs, song words, colouring sheets, class certificates

A wide range of themes

No matter what theme you are interested in, we have (or are planning) a story that fits!
We're working on new ones all the time and will happily take requests. 

Highly developmental

The children get to actively live the stories, and in so doing, develop:
  • Listening & speaking skills
  • A rich vocabulary
  • physical coordination
  • emotional awareness & empathy

Empowering for staff

Each workshop is super easy to follow and will encourage interaction between your team and the children in new ways!
  • Your staff will run quality, coherent sessions with no planning
  • Plenty of tips and ideas to use as stand alone activities at other times
  • Printable song words to keep the fun & learning going when not logged on

Supports EYFS

Every story comes with a detailed breakdown of the session activity by activity in line with the EYFS learning areas.
  • Allows for quick and easy observations during a session
  • Supports your planning
  • Easily gives evidence of delivery of quality developmental activities for OFSTED

Totally flexible

Unlike with external activity providers, with Animateys you are in control!
  • Your choice of story, when it suits you
  • Let the children choose!
  • Repeat them in part or in full at a time to suit you
  • Interactive video: so you can skip, repeat activities and mould the workshops to suit your needs!

Share with the parents & save money!

Following requests from Nursery managers, you now have the opportunity to share with the children
  • Highly discounted At Home memberships for parents
  • Maximum exposure & benefit for children
  • 10% of each "At Home" sale back to you
  • Potential to raise funds for your school/nursery
"The flexibility is great. We often do just the warm up and story as a filler - for example before lunch. But we have now set aside Mondays and Fridays to run the full session with all the activities. We can't wait for more episodes to come out!" 
Jess, Preschool room, Scallywags nursery
"It's so fun and silly - it has the children roaring with laughter.
The sessions are really simple to follow and are organised into short fast-paced sections that the teacher can easily navigate." 
Sarah Russell-Smith, Pre-reception teacher, Greater London
"I love how excited the children are, and the questions and engagement we have from the parents!"
Jenna Lee, Deputy Nursery Manager, Oakham
Sneak peek!

Find out more about our stories & activities

Frequently asked questions

What exactly do I need to run a session?

You need:
  • A screen big enough for the children to see and hear it (A laptop would do for small groups, a laptop plugged into a TV, or an interactive TV would be perfect for larger groups. Note: Some settings use an ipad - this works for small groups - but you'll need to find a way to prop it up for everyone to be able to see.. You can't hold and run the session)
  • An internet connection
  • A willing member of staff to run the session (You will be known as Chief Animatey)
  • Enough space for the children to move around/ dance.
  • Any props (The first section of each session outlines the suggested props. Please note they can ALWAYS be done without props if easier for you.
  • A sense of fun!

What exactly will I have to do as the person who runs the session?

We bring the material and structure but Animateys sessions are your sessions. You remain in control at all times. You can skip/repeat activities as needed; you will re-group the children after every activity and you will decide if you want certain activities to be done around the room or on the spot ... sitting or standing etc.

The magic of digital can bring so much but no screen can ever replace you. Animateys is all about the interaction between you and the children- the more you get involved, the more the children will gain from the experience.

There will be times when we ask ask you to do specific silly things e.g. inflate like a balloon or water the children with your imaginary watering cans. And there will be times when we hand over a game entirely to you. Everything is guided though so you can focus on playing with the children and not worrying about planning!

I am wary of screen time. Convince me why I should be bringing a digital product into my nursery/school...

When used wisely, the power of digital can open so many doors for nurseries and schools - it's really exciting! However, we firmly believe the power of digital should used as enabler to do other things - never as an end in itself.

Animateys uses the magic that is digital to transport our drama practitioners (together with our stories, structures, games and years of experience) directly into your setting - to enable YOU to run your own tried and tested workshops:
  • with no planning;
  • at a fraction of the cost of the hiring in an activity provider;
  • and with full flexibility to run the session you want, when you want.

External practitioners are marvellous (when you get a good one). But they are so expensive, and they are gone again after their half hour slot.

Thanks to the power if digital, your own staff are the ones interacting with the children - and they are free to repeat the stories and activities as it suits you and the children. being so involved in the sessions can be extremely motivating for staff too!

Of course, you can - and you do - run your own amazing sessions with the children all the time. Animateys is exciting because we've already done the years of writing, planning, testing, amending etc... so you don't have to! And we have lots of them ready to go across a wide range of topics - so you can just log on, pick the story that suits and enjoy it with the children!

We hope you are starting to see why we are quite so excited about how Animateys uses digital. Please do contact us and ask for a free trial session to see it in action!